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The IPSI BgD Internet Research Society

The Internet Research Society is an association of people with professional interest in the field of the Internet. All members will receive this TRANSACTIONS upon payment of the annual Society membership fee of €20 plus an annual subscription fee of €100 (air mail printed matters delivery).

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IPSI BgD Transactions on Internet Research

Veljko Milutinovic, Editor-in-Chief Jelena Krunic, Journal Manager
Department of Computer Engineering
University of Belgrade
POB 35-54
Belgrade, Serbia
(381) 64-1389281 (tel)
IPSI BgD Internet Research Society

Editorial Board
Michael Flynn Dawn Jutla Mileta Tomovic
Stanford University Sant Marry's University Purdue University
USA Canada USA
Dino Karabeg Borko Furht Massimo Piccardi
Oslo University Florida Atlantic University Sidney University of Technology
Norway USA Australia
Andrea Domenici Victor Gonzalez Jean-Luc Ganascia
University of Pisa University of Oviedo Paris University
Italy Spain France
Tan Kok Kiong Ryuichi Takahashi Bob Crisp
National University of Singapore Hiroshima University University of Arkansas
Singapore Japan USA