Project: MERIT Toolbox
Responsible Persons: Ivana Vujovic and Darko Jovic

The goal of the project is to create a collection of procedures to be used
by Fraunhofer IPSI group's watermarking software. These procedures are
sometimes time-critical and
therefore need to be implemented in Assembler code.

The projects starting time is September 1st 2003 (In the following referred
to as "T0"). Total project time span is 4 months.

Part 1: Fast Fourier transformation (FFT) and inverse FFT (IFFT)

The task for first part of the project is a fast Fourier transformation
(FFT) and inverse FFT (IFFT).

Part 2: The DCT Transformation

The performance of MPEG Decoding is an important process for video
watermarking. Some of the tasks inside the decoding process have a high
complexity and are also time critical. One of them is the DCT Transformation
so it needs to be transformed from C/C++ into Assembler.

Part 3: Cryptographic methods for watermarking

For watermark methods cryptographic methods are also important. This part of
the project includes implementing RSA encryption in Assembler.