Project: Sharing XML documents in a static P2P community (sP2P-DOM)
Responsible Person: Damjan Vujnovic

The XML data model is essentially a tree and it is heavily used for
representing semistructured and hierarchical data. Sharing XML documents in
decentralized environments can have many applications: distributed service
discovery, a storage for ad-hoc/sensor networks, distributed search engines,
a service in GRID computing, etc.

Since XML trees can be easily represented using hash table structures, it is
decided to use DHT P2P systems as a ground for building up needed
functionalities. The DHT primitives should be used in a generic ways, so a
DHT layer could be easily replaced by another one.

The goal is to provide a subset of DOM (Document Object Model) interface on
the top of DHT layer and to build simple XPath query engine (e.g. Apache
Xalan) on the top of provided interface. At the end, a demo application is
needed to demonstrate all implemented functionalities.

Management of XML documents should be fully transparent for users of
P2P-DOM component.