VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++

VPSI 2012 Montenegro

December 2012 to January 2013
Hotel Splendid, Becici



Conference program


Pavle Andjus, University of Belgrade, Serbia,
"Advances in Biophysics"

Veljko Milutinovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia,
"Advances in DataMining on Wireless Sensor Networks"


Diana Gligorijevic, Wharton MBA, USA
"The Mission of TeleGroup"

Franci Demsar, ESF,
"The Principle of Transparency"

Saso Tomazic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Clearing the Future of Economy"

Affeld, University of Arizona, USA
"Internet: A Physical Manifestation of the Collective Unconsciousness?"

Marta and Janne Affeld, University of Arizona, USA,
"Advances in Modern Psychology"

Zhilbert Tafa, Ulcinj, Montenegro
"Approaches to modeling the coverage of randomly deployed networks"

Bratislav Stipanic, School of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia
"Achievements in Cable-Stayed Bridge Engineering"

Howard Moskowitz,
"Mind Genomics: Enhancing a Nation's Intellectual and Economic Competitiveness"

Douglas Cotner, USA,
"The Theta Conjecture, Triggering the Mega-City: A Theoretical Inquiry".

Reiner Hartenstein, Baden-Baden, Germany,
"The Tunnel Vision Syndrome:
Challenging Computer Science Education"
(for the abstract see: *

Naser Prljaca, University of Tuzla, BiH
"R&D of Automotive Distributed Electronic Control Units"

Jozef Kratica, MISANU, Belgrade, Serbia,
"Advances in Metaheuristic Approaches to Optimization"

Dusko Katic, Michael Pupin Institute, Belgrade, Serbia,
"Advances in Cognitive Robotics: Achievements and Challenges".

Branislav Borovac, University of Novi Sad,
"Robot as Assistive Technology
in Treatment of Children with Developmental Disorders".

Jovo Jaric, USA,
"On Entropy Flux of Anisotropic Elastic Bodies"

Carmine Gorga, JHU, USA,
"Modern Methodology in the Sciences".

Rob Ord, New Zealand,
"Consequences of Population Growth: Putting Biology into Economics".

Yoshiko Motoya, Osaka University, Japan,
"Widening the World by way of considering the contrary poles
- Recognition and technology to improve creative expressions -"



At the request of numerous past participants,
VIPSI conferences have been reincarnated,
but only once per year,
on December 31 from 2pm to 8pm,
followed by the New Year celebration dinner, and always in Montenegro
(Hotel Splendid on Montenegro Coast, in Becici, near Tivat Airport).

For reservation of the airport transportation
(from Tivat airport to hotel Splendid),
for hotel room reservation,
and for the New Year Eve Celebration reservation,
write directly to the hotel Splendid:

Ms. Spasenija Puric
Hotel Splendid Conference & SPA Resort | Becici bb, 85310 | Budva | Montenegro
T:+382 33 774 700 | F:+382 33 774 706
E mail: |

A three-day stay for one or two persons in Hotel Splendid
costs e420, from December 30 to January 2.
New Year celebration for those staying in Hotel Splendid costs e80 per person.

A three-day stay for one or two persons in Hotel Montenegro (three minutes walking away)
costs e240, from December 30 to January 2.
New Year celebration for those not staying in Hotel Splendid costs e100 per person.

These expenses (listed above)
are not covered by the conference fee.

If you like to get in touch with last year participants, email to


Click here to see photos of Hotel Splendid
and the hotel web site on how to get there.

The conference fee is E500 per person
(the same for each accompanying person),
and it brings a free of charge opportunity
to publish a paper in the IPSI Transactions journal.
This fee is paid on the top of the hotel accommodation
and New Year Eve celebration.