8am            Getting Together
8:30am-9am     Welcome Coffee with Bagels
9am-12:30pm    Technical Presentations
12:30pm-1:30pm Castle Lunch
1:30pm-4pm     Technical Presentations
4pm-4:30pm     Afternoon Coffee with Cookies
4:30pm-6pm     Technical Presentations


************************************************************************* 0800-0900 PRECONFERENCE COFFEE/TEA and DISCUSSIONS 0900-0930 Erich Neuhold: "Issues of Importance for Semantic Web" 0930-1000 Matjas Hemmje + Lieming Huang + Claudia Niederee + Michael Fuchs + Erich Neuhold Semantics of Query Construction User Interfaces of Web-based Search Engines for Digital Libraries 1000-1030 Martin Leissler + Matjas Hemmje + Gerald Jaeschke Modeling the Information Visualization Process 1030-1100 Bernd Klauer + Klaus Waldschmidt + Jan Haase + Frank Eschmann Cluster Computing with organic behavior 1100-1130 Imre Rudas Recent Advances in Information Aggregation for Intelligent Systems 1130-1200 Mirko Novak Danger of Human Faults in Transportation Activities 1200-1230 Andrzej Janicki + Iwona Mondziel About importance of transactional systems for Information Society “Virtual Regions” 1230-1330 SCHLOSS LUNCH 1330-1400 Jean-Gabriel Ganascia The “open book” project 1400-1430 Eigwaikhide Izebe Integrated Process, Knowledge and Security Modeling & Management: Systems Architecting Framework 1430-1500 Conny Neuner + Christ'l De Landtsheer Towards a methodology for evaluating the quality of (public) websites 1500-1530 Laura Ma Roa Hybrid and customized approach in telemedicine systems: an unavoidable destination 1530-1600 Kisseka Daniel + Nakalemb Edith + Nsubuga Muddy + Mac Sentongo John The worldwide magnitude of protein-energymalnutrition: an overview from the WHO Global Database 1600-1630 COFFEE/TEA + Milutinovic + Jovic + Milovanovic + Vujnovic 1630-1700 Mayumi Hori + Masakazu Ohashi Telework Changes Working Style for Japanese Women 1700-1730 Achim Karduck + Amadou Sienou MADVICE: MCRM FOR ADVICE-SUPPORT IN FINANCE 1730-1800 Rolf Kraemer + Eckhard Grass + Peter Langendoerfer + Michael Methfessel The Wireless Engine: A Vertical Approach Towards Seamless Integration of Mobile Devices Into the Internet 1800-2000 POSTCONFERENCE COFFEE/TEA and DISCUSSIONS at the FIREPLACE