Pavle Andjus, University of Belgrade, Serbia,
"Advances in Biophysics"

Veljko Milutinovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia,
"Advances in DataMining on Wireless Sensor Networks"


Hiro Fujii, Tokyo University, Japan,
Leader of the Japanese Space Elevator Project,
"A Happy New Year towards Our Splendid Space"

Milica Pejanovic, University of Montenegro,
"Advanced solutions for future wireless networks".

Central European Journal of Coperations Research, Editor in Chief,
Institut fuer Statistik und Operations Research, Graz, Austria,
"Advanced Topics in Operations Research"

Ksenija Bilbija
University of Wisconsin-Madison,USA
"Tortured by Fashion: Making Memory Through Corporate Advertising in Chile and Argentina"

Liljana Gavrilovska
"Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Marta and Janne Affeld, University of Arizona, USA,
"Advances in Modern Psychology"

Yoshiko Motoya, Osaka University, Japan,
"Widening the World by way of considering the contrary poles
- Recognition and technology to improve creative expressions -"

Hermann Maurer, University of Graz, Austria,
Chairman of the Informatics Section, Academia Europaea, London, UK,
"Information Integration and Going Beyond Wikipedia"

Rade Mihajlovic, New York Institute of Technology, USA,
"Cyber War and Peace"

Djordje Jovanovic,
Univesity o Montenegro,
"Issues in Unuversity Education in Montenegro"

Andrzej Janicki, Poland
"Adaptive estimation of innovation powers of enlarging EU".

Genci Berati, University of Shkodra, Albania,
"Introducing International Standards in Teaching
Informatics in the 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade"

Bojan Furlan, Bosko Nikolic, Veljko Milutinovic
"Intelligent Question Routing: An Overview of Some Recent Advances and Open Problems"

Misic Marko, Tomasevic Milo
"A Short Comparison of Parallel Sorting Algorithms"

Zarko Stanisavljevic, Bosko Nikolic, Igor Tartalja, Veljko Milutinovic
"An Overview of Multimedia Tools and Technologies for Education in Computer Science"

Milanovic Marija1, Filipovic Vladimir, Milutinovic Veljko
"A Classification of Technology and Techniques Used to Contend with Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Linda Naimi, Purdue University, USA,
exVicePresident of Harvard University,
"Advances in Internet Psychology"

Elma Kolce, University of Tirana, Albania
Datamining on Spatio-Temporal Databases

Dubravka Popovic Srdanovic, University of Nis,
"Issues in Modern Poetry"

Zhilbert Tafa, Univeristy of Belgrade, Serbia,
"Wireless Sensor Networks in Military Applications,
with Special Emphasis on Barrier Coverage"

Vladimir Srdanovic, Univeristy of Belgrade,
"Advances in Multidisciplinary Reseach"

Viktor Doerfler, University of Scotland, UK,
"Creativity vs. Innovativity"

Gyula Mester, Szeged University, Hungary,
"About the Ranking of World Universities"

Rob Ord, New Zealand,
"Consequences of Population Growth: Putting Biology into Economics".

Hiro Fujii, Japan Space Elevator Project
"The space deployment of 132.6m (World record!) electrodynamic tape tether"


At the request of numerous past participants,
VIPSI conferences have been reincarnated,
but only once per year,
on December 31 from 2pm to 8pm,
followed by the New Year celebration feast, and always at the same place
(Hotel Residence on Montenegro Coast, near Tivat Airport).

For reservation of the airport transportation
(from Tivat airport to hotel Residence),
for hotel room reservation,
and for the New Year Eve Celebration reservation,
write directly to the CEO of hotel Residence,
Mr. Zlatibor Milic (
These expenses (listed above)
are not covered by the conference fee.

If you like to get in touch with last year participants, email to


Click here to see the web site of Hotel Residence,
how to get there,
and its offer for the New Year celebration,
(three nights plus the celebration of New Year,
all for two persons,
last year was only E240 - the same rate for one person).

The conference fee is E500 per person
(the same for each accompanying person),
and it brings a free of charge opportunity
to publish a paper in the IPSI Transactions journal.
This fee is paid on the top of the hotel accommodation
and New Year Eve celebration,
which costed (last year) E240 for three hotel nights,
no matter if one or two persons.

Click here to see the web site of Montenegro Pictures.

Hotel conditions (in English)
Hotel conditions (in Serbian)

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