VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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The mission of the conference is to synergize the expert researchers from the USA, EU, and EURASIA. It features keynote speeches, contributed talks, panels, and mission statements.

Dear friend of VIPSI Conferences (

I am cordially inviting you to attend this small conference to synergize leading scientists of the US and EU. The conference will take place in the new Splendid Hotel of Budva, followed by informal discussions in Hotel Regent of Porto Montenegro, from January 2 to 5, 2020 ( Both venues are close to the Tivat Airport and about 50km away from the Podgorica airport. Interested participants are asked to book their rooms directly with the hotel, with the reference to VIPSI 2020. Tentative keynotes are:

PROGRAM (tentative)

DECEMBER 29, 2019


Bratislav Stipanic
Feasible Bridge Design Concepts

Selma Rizvic
The Digital Heritage Research at the University of Sarajevo

Zoran Ognjanovic + Zoran Markovic + Zoran Babovic + Marko Savic + Sava Zhivanovic + Bill Michaelson + Veljko Milutinovic
The Serbia Forum

Renato Scuzzarello
Current Possibilities for EU Funding and Project MGMT

DECEMBER 30, 2019


Radovan Stojanovic + Vesna Maras
Two Missions of Montenegro Science

Aleksandar Rodic + Ilija Stevanovic + Gyula Mester
UnderWater Robots for InRiver Tasks

Miroslav Bojovic
Computer Engineering Education at the University of Belgrade

Bosko Rasuo + Ilija Stevanovic
Future Air Transport in the Cities of Serbia


Veljko Milutinovic
DataFlow SuperComputing

Jelena Pisarov + Gyula Mester
Advances in Robotics

Gyula Mester + Damir Sostaric + Josip Stepanic + Albini Atilla +
+ Zoran Balkic + Marko Vukobratovic
Flying Robotics Cars 2020

Tanja Becanovic
Advances in Filology

DECEMBER 31, 2019


Dejan Mircevski
Why is Softvare so Often Broken?

Petraq Papajorgji + Ilir Capuni
A Survey on Model Driven Development

Marko Savic
The Mission of NCR in Serbia

Mischa Mihaljevic
Advances in CryptoAnalysis


Milena Djukanovic
Interesting Applications for Additive Manufacturing

Luiz Moutinho
TBA Advances in Digital Marketing

Hermann Maurer + Namik Delilovic:
The Austria Forum at the Graz Polytechnic University

Fahim Kibra + Nenad Rukavina
Marketing Your Way to Growth

Dalma Zilahy

Slododan Knezevic

Dejan Durutovic

Miodrag Nikac

Marina Matore

Gizela Sobotka

Vesna Maras

Nenad Rukavina

Marko Savic

Savo Dragovic

JANUARY 1, 2020

1000-1200 SUMMARY
Addresses of Selected Members of Academia Europaea!
Discussion of contributions from Board Members of Academia Europaea:
Sierd Cloetingh,
Sir Ole Petersen,
Don Dingwell,
Eva Kondorosi,
Alexej Verkhratsky
Veljko Milutinovic


For conference participants, the room price in Hotel Splendid,
from December 29 at noon (arrival day) till January 1 2020 at noon
(deprature day) is E740 and includes:

- Two persons in the room with breakfast
- New Year Celebration for two persons

The name and email of the person in Hotel Splendid
for room reservations is:

Mrs Kika Puric, Event Manager (TBD)
WhatsApp or Viber: +382-67-211818

For the hotel room reservation and New Year Eve booking for two (E740)
write to or call at +382-33-773444.


This conference consists of a number of brainstorming sessions,
on issues of importance for the general field of computer science and Internet science.

Please send the title of your discussion to professor Veljko Milutinovic at before September 30th, end of the day, anywhere on the Planet.

The daylight time in-between sessions is for peripatetic discussions (walking and sightseeing). The time after 8pm is for dinner discussions.

The voluntary conference fee is E100 payable on the spot with credit cards or cash.
This conference fee does not include any food or beverage; only the organizational costs.

In their history since the year 2000 VIPSI Conferences were addressed ten times by different Nobel Laureates and another ten times by different Laureates of Eckert-Mauchly Award.
Among speakers at past VIPSI conferences were
three Rectors of the University of Belgrade,
one Rector of the University of Montenegro,
one President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,
and one President of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Selected articles from past VIPSI conferences could be found at:

The NASA Aeronautics and Space Database (NA+SD);
June P. Silvester, NASA CACI Acquisitions Team,
ASRC Aerospace Corp, 7121 Standard Drive, Hanover,
MD 21076-1320, USA (301-621-0118):
"Access limited only to U.S. Government Agencies and Contractors".

The strategic direction of VIPSI conferences was influenced a lot by the late:

Lawrence G. Roberts, ARPA,
a contributor to the VIPSI ITALY 2003
(SSGRR 2003 SUMMER - L'AQUILA; VIPSI ITALY Chaired by Milutinovic and Patricelli)

This small conference promotes the values of The Academy of Europe (
However, it is meant to be different from traditional conferences.
The PowerPoint presentations are forbidden
(the best orators of the Civilization, Demosthenes and Cicero, did not use PowerPoint).
Most sessions will be held in an informal way, as FirePlace Chats.

The attendance of this brainstorming conference is limited to 24.

Conference organizers take no responsibilities for any inconveniences
or losses that may occur to conference participants on the trip
related to this conference!

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