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Impressions from the Past IPSI Organized Conferences

One impression from VIPSI-2006 MONTENEGRO


I have found this conference to stir up lots of creativity!

Mr. Jure Jemec, Slovenia


I keep coming to this confernece year after year.
Excellent atmosphire in an excellent setting.

Doug Cotner, USA


I am happy that the VIPSI conference has come to Montenegro!

Prof. Djordje Jovanovic, Montenegro


Moving ideas and ways of thinking
from one field to the other is excellent for creativity.
It is exactly what this conference does.

Prof. Anton Kos, Slovenia


The milti-disciplinary nature of this conference
widens our horizons.

Prof. Borko Firht, USA


Excellent conference.
Renaisance character.
Nice to meet people of different backgrounds and to exchange ideas.

Prof. Bozidar Radenkovic, Serbia


This is a very unique conference,
which I attend periodically,
to share my research results in Space Elevator Technology

Prof. Hiro Fujii, Japan

The VIPSI Conference in Tokyo

This was the best conference I have been to in years.
My specialty in physics is Experimental Elementary Particle Physics
and almost all the conferences I attend are in this field
or in a subfield such as B Quark or Tau Lepton physics.
Many of the talks are repetitious, I know most of the attendees and I learn little.

On the contrary at Tokyo VIPSI I heard stimulating talks in
space physics, aeronautics, problem solving methodology, data mining, chip making
and other areas of science and engineering.
I heard ideas new to me and expanded my thinking about my field.
Equally important I made new professional friends in other fields, people I would never have met.

I came back from Tokyo VIPSI stimulated and refreshed.

Martin L. Perl, Nobel Laureate

... I did not know what to expect when I came to the conference in Aquila,
but I must say that I was most impressed by the extremely high level of
interesting and important material presented and the scholarly discussions
that ensued. The meeting fulfilled the prime aim which was to develop a
detailed understanding of important and complex issues as a necessary basis
for the development of solutions. It was a truly multi-disciplinary meeting
in that it explored a wide range of key issues and opened up new avenues of
fascinating new ideas. Best wishes, harry!

Sir Harold Kroto, FRS, Nobel Laureate

The attendees were an interesting group, and I was impressed by the excellent
level of the presentations and the wide range of topics they covered.
Not only were technical issues covered, but many of the speakers addressed
how the internet and its associated technologies can improve the lives of people
around the world.

Jerome Friedman, MIT, Nobel Laureate


Hello Veljko,

Congratulations on the success of the IPSI conference in Spain and thank
you for the opportunity to participate.


Jeffrey Soar, Australia


Dear Veljko,

I think that the recent IPSI meeting in very beautiful Bled was a great
success. My thanks to the Organizers for bringing us together for three
intensive days, showing the breadth and excitement of our scientific
field and for a very kind time spent with you. Veljko, I am agreed with
you that Bled is the pearl of Alps. It was really nice meeting so many
interesting persons at this meeting, and I hope we have an occasion to
meet again.

Zbyszek Woznicki, Institute of Atomic Energy, Poland


Thank you for the photo!
As you can see I am all smile - that was also my impression of the conference.
Sometimes I would like to have more discussion on items - but if nothing
else, an internal discussion and thinking takes place instead of it.
Surely there were good contributions, but - unlike to other scientists - our
art of technicians behaving very modest and shy could be improved!
Thank you for the efforts in the conference preparation and keeping it memorable!

Best wishes and kind regards

Franjo Jovic, University of Osijek, Croatia


Veljko, thank you so much for your invitation - Bled was indeed the
little gem that you suggested and I enjoyed myself very much.

Philippa Collins, Heriot Watt University, Scottish Borders Campus


Zdravey Veljko,

I am writing to you following IPSI Bled to thank you for this
participation and to say that I appreciated the approach of IPSI
which was especially well highlighted in the morning of the first day.

In addition to the article that you gave us,
I have also read your introduction on the
"Wisdom of Education for Glbalisation" in one of the editions
that were distributed to us.

CORDIS Project, EU
Virginia Mercouri, Press contact, CORDIS contractor


Dear Veljko,

Thank you very much for the excellent IPSI' 2005 conference you organized
recently in Montenegro. It was an excellent chance to see a part of this
beautiful Country, and to meet some of its people. The conference was
excellent and highly informative. Sincere congratulations on this
successful conference, which left in me a very favorable impression about
IPSI and Montenegro. I am looking forward to seeing you again in another
IPSI conference.

Wishing you, and IPSI, all the best.

Dr. Y. M. Haddad, P. Eng., Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa,
Ottawa, Canada K1N 6N5


I have been studying
European theoretical computer science for about 20 years
so that I can enjoy many kinds and categories of
other works in M+I+. I now wonder how
my standpoint might be relevant to T+ aspects,
because the computing is self-closed under
the Church's thesis, and Goedel's Completeness and
Incompleteness Theorems, however large extent its
appications and practises may be likely to.

I hope that I would participate in a future

Sincerely yours,

Susumu Yamasaki, Dept. of Computer Science, Okayama University, Japan


Dear Professor Milutinovic,

I enjoyed the conference from the view of
formal methodology in computing for the M+I+T++ talks.
At dinner time, we had a good chance with fair scenery
of Amsterdam just before the sunset, talking of cultural
backgrounds and trends.

I am also interested in the semantic Web of
your research group as well as the management
of such interdisciplinary conferences.

With thanks for your direction of activities,
I wish you more development in it.


Susumu Yamasaki, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan


Hi Dr. Veljko Milutinovic

Your gracious comments and invitations are most welcome
I intend to pursue with vigor and look forward to working with you-IPSI in the future
First order of business will be to improve the paper Many thanks for your efforts
That made the Amsterdam Conference informative and enjoyable
We will stay in touch
Stay well
Dr. Milt Silver
PS Your recommendations for Venice were very fine

Dr. Milt Silver,


Dear Professor Milutinovic,

I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity to attend
IPS-USA-2005 conference in Cambridge/Boston. It was an excellent
experience. I like the multi-disciplinary aspect of the conference.
Thank you very much for the great conference. I hope to attend the
future IPSI conferences.


Yana Kortsarts, Widener University, Chester, PA, USA


Dear Prof. Veljko Milutinovic,

Thank you for presenting me with the opportunity to attend the IPS-USA 2005
conference. I had attended the conference because I enjoy listening to
and talking with people that are skilled in diverse fields of study.
Interacting with experts in medicine, biology, psychology, and
other areas, helps me to view my own field from a different perspective.

The contact with your group has always been positive, and I expect to
make contributions in the future, when possible. If I should suggest
something, for future conferences, I would wish for scheduled break/tours
for all participants together. I would have liked to see more of the
MIT campus, and have had more opportunity to talk with the participants
in a social setting. I did not like to miss any of the presentations,
but I had to miss a couple to balance this social communications.

With kind regards,

Dr. Judith Molka-Danielsen, Norway


Dear Veljko
I enjoyed the conference very much and have spoken well of it
at my Centre so hopefully we will have more in future.
Nice to meet you, your young helpers...give them my regards.
Will see you at another conference I'm sure

Michael F Christie, Course Coordinator, Chalmers, Sweden,


Dear Dr Milutinovic,

I have thoroughly enjoyed IPSI conference and the Interdisciplinary nature
it presented to all participants. It was also nice meeting you personally.
It was worth coming all the way from Australia to actively participate in this conference.
The reviewers comments are being currently addressed and the paper will be submitted
to the journal as you suggested.
Best Regards,

Yousef Ibrahim, Associate Professor, Monash University,

IPS-USA 2005

Dr. Veljko Milutinovic ...

I enjoyed the workshop and especially the technical diversity
and quality of the papers presented.
I look forward to participating in IPSI workshops in the future.

Your efforts and those of the workshop management team
are gratefully acknowledged.

Dr. J.C. Boudreaux, NIST/Advanced Technology Program

IPS-USA 2005

Dear Professor Milutinovic,

I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity to
attend IPSI - USA 2005 conference. It was an excellent experience.
I like the multi-disciplinary aspect of the conference.
Thank you very much for the great conference.

I hope to attend the future IPSI conferences.


Yana Kortsarts, Widener University, Chester, PA, USA


Dear Prof. Dr. Veljko Milutinovic

I should like to thank you for warm hospitality.
I shall never forget my attending to IPSI France conference.
It was a wonderful experience. I have the greatest respect for the
quality of research being done in IPSI.
Now I have read the theses and papers that I bought in IPSI France.
The work you are dealing with now will be absolutely essential.
I am convinced that our IPSI is hopeful and useful.

I will go to IPSI conference in near future certainly.

with best wishes,

MOTOYA Yoshiko, Japan


Respected Dr. Veljko Milutinovic

Sir I am so grateful to you for all the kind of help and support that you
have shown towards me, by helping me attend the IPSI conferences in Amalfi and Montenegro.
I wish you a very very happy & prosperous new year.

There is an interesting news from my end. Dr. Charles Milligan has shown a
lot of interest in my work. I would be giving the Sun Microsystems team
and some people from Los Alamos National Laboratory a presentation in March
and may be after that I might have the opportunity to work at Los Alamos.
The most interesting part is that once my work has been proven experimentally
I might get a complete sponsorship from Sun Microsystems for building
a technology out of it.

Sir this happened all because you sponsered my conference trip & I could meet
Dr. Charles Milligan. Thank you so much sir.
Sir if my theories are proven & I am able to converge it to a technology
I promise IPSI would have a share in it.

Thank you so much sir
I shall always remain
Yours very sincerely

Shrigovind Tiwari,


Dear Prof. Dr. Veljko Milutinovic,

It's very important for me to give you my impressions from the past
as I had been participant to the IPSI AMALFI conference:

- papers and presentations shown a very high scientific level;
- Inter, Trans and Multidisciplinary themes, models and validations were a large
  reality in most of the subjects presented, as I never have seen before
  in (for example since the past two years) a panel of 8 other international
  research conferences in which I had to present papers;
- knowledge really shared with outstanding partners of other disciplines
  in a friendly context;
- global services and facilities at a very high quality level.

Thank you very much for this very good organisation.

Sincerely Yours,

Alain Lepage, Half Time Professor,
U.T.C. ( CompiÕgne University and Engineer School, France)
Director of ITII Engineer School (Chatellerault, France)
Engineer , M.B.A. and Doctor in Industrial Management


Let me say thank you for your very kind hospitality and for your
professional guidance during the conference.

Unfortunately, I suffered from a cold and thus did not have my full
power available to enjoy the place at its full. What I liked most was
the academic but warm atmosphere enabling sophisticated discussions.
Though even more time is needed to get into details and maybe setting up
cooperations. Maybe Sveti Stefan provides for this. Thank you for the

Concerning the pros and cons of the conference I agree that M+I+T++ is a
very good concept. I also liked your tough scheduling very much. I would
suggest to even intensivy the review filtering, to NOT make IPSI a
catchment basin for just any contribution. Quality insurance becomes even
more important when it comes to multidisciplinarity. Your team performed a
great job, as an attendee we were always given the feeling somebody "was
taking care"

I wish you all the best and success and hope to meet you again!

Dr. Erwin Bratengeyer, Head of Research Center TIM-Lab
Danube University Krems (e-mail:


Thank you once again for providing us with the unique opportunity to
attend the IPSI conference on Big Island. It was certainly an
eye-opening and thought-provoking event.

Seppo Tella Professor of Foreign Language Education
Director, Research Centre for Foreign Language Education


It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity of
presenting my work at the IPSI 2005 Hawaii meeting on Big Island. I
hope your visit was as fruitful and enjoyable as mine. The meeting is
one of the finest I have ever attended. The unique combination of
interdisciplinary breadth and opportunity for intimate, participant
interaction in an inspiring setting made the trip not only one a most
productive and enjoyable meeting, but one I look forward to
participating in again in the future. As a result of the meeting, I
gained new insights into the development of my work that I believe
will prove instrumental in its continued development. If there is any
way I can help develop further IPSI or the IPSI Meetings in the
future, please don't hesitate to ask.
Of course, I regard our albeit brief discussions as the highlight of
the meeting. You are a unique individual and your ability to catalyze
the IPSI meetings is central to its success.

Dr. Daniel "Dan" S. Janik MD PhD, TOEFL and University Studies Coordinator


... I've got only good memories of those days! The one in Prague was my
first experience in this kind of event, so the most important thing for
me was to learn, not to teach. And I've learnt so many things, met so many
people and lived so many experiences in only two days that my impressions
about this meeting are nothing but congratulations and thanks.
In Prague I've seen with my own eyes how a scientific conference can
become a fruitful occasion to share knowledge and experience, but also to spend
beautiful moments with gorgeous people.
Moreover the meeting in Prague was a great opportunity for a
student like me to touch with my own hands what is the real world of Science
outside the glass-bell of the university and this is a really important thing,
in my opinion, in the path of every student. So the only thing I can say
is thank you again for this opportunity.

Giacomo Pulina, University of Milano, Italy


This was an excellent conference and I find you and your team
endearing, genuine and a pleasure to get to know. Our time with you was
excellent, and we found our greatest strain being pulled emotionally since we
were situated in a heavenly location for art and music in a country we
had never seen and the need to attend a conference and participate
responsibly. Our next time to Venice we should be able to do a better job
of blending both.

Impressions from the past
Highlights - brilliant people with varied backgrounds
                - genuine attention to community building
                - format with power point is refreshing and empowering
                - knowledge base increased by connections
                - loved the pictorial record
                - loved the chance to engage in local art, music, drama, humanities

Suggestions: There are many ways we learn, and running two different
conjoint conferences could allow those with limited background in one
area to still have an anchor point ---
     a) running two conjointly would not dilute greatly, but would allow
choice and maintain connection
     b) ask participants to make 1-2 page hand-out with vocabulary,
rudimentary review of salient ideas so novice connection and interest is enhanced,
built for the synergy you seek - suggest these be available the morning of
or day before so we can get focused and up to speed to appreciate the things
being discussed - for me, in math and science specializations

J'Anne and Martha

IPSI-2004 MONTENEGRO, October 2004

Dear Veljko,

I wanted to personally thank you for extending the invitation
to participate in the IPSI conference in Sv. Stefan.
I was impressed by your ability to coordinate and lead
such a wonderful endeavor and I loved your warm sense of humor.

I was also impressed by the quality of the students
who participated in the conference.
There are some exceptional young people there
and I do sincerely hope we can partner with you and others
to improve opportunities for them.

The conference, the beautiful and historic places we visited,
and the friendliness of the students and local people
made it a memorable experience.
In addition, I can't think of another international conference
where we were able to meet political leaders.
It was an honor to be meeting in the same resort area
where the NATO delegation was holding their economic summit.

When you introduced the President of Montenegro to conference participants,
it was an extraordinary moment we will all treasure.

It was also a deep honor
to meet the various distinguished academic scholars
from the Serbian universities and academies of arts and science,
including the present and former Rectors of the University of Belgrade.
What a fantastic experience!

You are to be commended for hosting such a first-class conference.
We look forward to participating in another IPSI conference.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to become part
of such a unique conference experience.


Dr. Linda L. Naimi and Dr. M.T. Naimi
Purdue University

IPSI-2004 MONTENEGRO, October 2004

Dear Professor Milutinovic,

I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation of the opportunity you offered
to me for both the participation and presentation of our work atthe IPSI-Sveti
Stefan. It was such a grand treat both professionally and emotinally that many
of us have termed this delightful event as the 'Sveti-Stafan Experience'. Thank
you for having organized such an enriching and stimulating conference. We were
all most impressed. As a result of the network established during the days on
the Sveti-Stefan Island, some of us are already discussing possible projects of
collaboration and exchanges.

To follow up on our discussions of the 2005 IPSI conferences or even the sooner
one in Amalphi,Italy, I have given some thoguht to potential topics for your
planned " Cultural Interface- East and West"(?) theme. There are now sufficient
research and scholarly works in this broad subject field to deserve a
high-quality conference for the purpose of reaching the broader and the VIP
audiences. The subjects could include for example: (1) Brain Mechanisms
underlying Chinese & English Reading; (2) Psychology of calligraphy: Chinese &
English;(3) East-West Literature: contemporary Perspectives and (4) Chinese
contributions to Complementary and Alterntive Medicine. Another possible paper
could be on (5) Cognitive Bases of Chinese and Western Painting. I offer these
topics for your consideration. I think these are some of the emerging research
interest and concerns on the international scene.

While in Sveti-Stafan, I was disadvantaged at capturing memorable events and
beatiful Montenegro scenes, because I did not bring along my digital camera and
the conventional one I bought in the shop across from the bridge did not work
at all. I wonder if Sanida has gathered from various IPSI participants some
digital images for wider distribution amongst the conference participants. I
know many took pisctures of the group with the President as well as pictures on
our bus and boat tours. I wonder how will it be possible to get some of them
through internet transmission. These pictures will just be great memories of
the events and the people which formed the successful Stefan Experience. I
would be grateful if we could have access to these precious images.

Best wishes,

Henry S.R. Kao, Distinguished Professor
National Central University & Hong Kong University (email:

IPSI-2004 MONTENEGRO, October 2004

Hi Veljko,
I am a great admirer of your work with IPSI and with the Serbian
students. This series of conferences is delightfully lively and growing
stronger. I enjoy the IPSI conferences both professionally and
personally. The conference program has that excitement of breaking new
ground, and the social program is culturally rich and full of the love
of life. You are building a great success.

Fred B. Holt
Panthesis, Seattle, Washington, USA

IPSI-2004 PESCARA, Italy July - August 2004

I was pleased to attend IPSI 2004 held at Hotel Castello Chiola,
about 20 km outside of Pescara, Italy.
The venue was a most impressive ancient castle, newly renovated into a hotel.
The facilities were generally excellent. The conference was small with eclectic
(really interdisciplinary) presentations.
I much enjoyed them and learned a great deal about topics well out side
my primary research areas.

Michael Flynn
Stanford University,

IPSI-2004 PESCARA, Italy July - August 2004

I really thank you for the IPSI 2004 Pescara Conference. It was very excellent organization.
I met very nice and valuable academic persons.
Especially Professor Milutinovic and his assistants were very friendly and helpful.
I hope, I can join again following IPSI conferences.

Dr. Ismet Gucuyener
Program of Industrial Automation,
Advanced Vocational School of Technical Sciences,
Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey

IPSI-2004 PESCARA, Italy July - August 2004

In this way I would like to say thank you for organizing
this wonderful conference in Pescara.
There were some really amaizing presentation during the conference,
and I had the opportunity to meet very interesting people
and make some professional friendships. I hope we keep in touch,
and we meet in following IPSI conferences.
Probably if you come to Budapest we can have a nice 'Halaszle'
in a good restaurant and a conversation to explore other common points
of the Serbian-Hungarian history.

Richard Szanto

IPSI-2004 PESCARA, Italy July - August 2004

The conference was the best I have yet attended.
It was so well organized!

Linda Snetselaar, RD, PhD
Associate Professor
College of Public Health
Department of Epidemiology
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

IPSI-2004 PESCARA, Italy July - August 2004

Trevor and I had a terrific time at the conference. We met several colleagues
and future collaborators!! We had lively conversation and want to thank you for
the intimate opportunity for such a range of disciplines to share ideas and
excellence. I am already interested in a future conference.

Darla V. Lindberg, RA
Associate Professor of Architecture
Department of Architecture
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

IPSI-2004 PESCARA, Italy July - August 2004

i really enjoyed the conference... and by the way i am still in Rome they overbooked flight....
but have had a great time in Rome...

The castle was beautiful what would have been helpful i think is access to email easier and
better communication.... but i want to thank all of you for a great job done....

Filiz Shine Edizer
Muskingum College

IPSI-2004 INDIANA, July 2004

I didn't know that you would provide such high quality reviews. I really
like to thank all the reviewers for their serious and constructive
comments. It's just something I've never seen from regular technical

Hong Man,
Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken NJ 07030, USA

IPSI-2004 INDIANA, July 2004

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your nice organization
of the excellent Conference in Purdue. Thanks again to you and all members
of the Purdue conference for creating such an excellent meeting.

Prof. H.A. Fujii,
Fujii Laboratories, Japan

IPSI-2004 STUDENICA, April 2004

My colleague, Dr. Hui-Lan Lu (Fellow of Bell Labs) and I had attended
the IPSI'2004 conference in Studenica, Serbia and Montenegro,
with the goal of learning the latest trends in the interdisciplinary research
in the fields of the Internet and e-commerce and to see how these can be applied
to standardization of Next Generation Networks.
To this end, we were honored with the invitation to deliver, over two days, a
tutorial on Voice over IP, an opportunity that helped us to interact with the
whole group.

To this end, this was truly a great opportunity to learn. In addition to
presentations delivered by three computer science professors from top schools,
the presentations included impressive results from students' research in
software and security. But there was still much more to learning at this

Professor Milutinovic and his University of Belgrade students were outstanding,
gracious, and generous hosts. On the way to and from the Studenica Monastery, we
had been shown important historical, artistic, and cultural monuments of Serbia
and given what has amounted to a "hands-on" course on Serbian history. Professor
Milutinovic (whose first name, Veljko, appropriately translates to English as
"Great" or "Grand") speaks nine languages, four of which (English, Italian,
Polish, and Russian) he has been using with us, his guests, while personally
driving us around Serbia.

Last but not least: The location--one of the most significant and beautiful
monasteries in the whole world--could not have been chosen better. Located high
in the green mountains, it had provided us the quiet and seclusion so necessary
for focusing on the work. At the same time, commune meals, mountain walks to
remote hermitages, deep conversations that lasted late into the night helped all
develop a strong bond. This culminated on the afternoon of the last day of the
conference, when all attendees assembled in a small monastery church to witness
a baptism of two students.

And this is what it should be, in my opinion: an international conference in
which one learns only a specialized bit of a technical subject is a conference
that one should not even bother to attend. Through the cultural ambassodors'
effort of Professor Milutinovic and his students, IPSI'2004 in Studenica has
given us a great lesson on Serbian culture. And, needless to say, Dr. Lu and I
have left the conference with our major technical goals fulfilled: We got new
ideas on security and software standardization, which we will apply in our work
in international standards organizations.

Igor Faynberg,
Technical Manager
Internet, Software, and Security Standards
Bell Laboratories
Lucent Technologies

IPSI-2004 STUDENICA, April 2004

With fewer words, but just as much feeling, I will say that I found our
hosts outstandingly gracious and eager to show us an important and
fascinating view of Serbia. I was moved by the Orthodox faith, past and
present, reflected in the monasteries we visited. I was honored to be
invited to attend the baptism of two of the students with us. I greatly
appreciated the scenery and the hikes we made, and the friendships
formed on them. It was a memorable experience and I hope to be able to

Prof. David Nicol,
University of Illinios at Urbana-Champain, USA

IPSI-2004 FRANKFURT, May 2004

It was a great pleasure for us to attend the IPSI-workshop in Kronberg.
The presentations were very interesting and the discussions fruitful
and stimulating.
Thank you very much for invitation.

Best regards

Klaus Waldschmidt, University of Frankfurt, Germany (email:

IPSI-2004 MADRID, March 2004

I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Veljko Milutinovic and
his team for the organization of the workshop on AWEEB-2004 in Madrid.
The workshop has been most successful and it has opened many avenues of
collaboration between leading researchers in Domotic, Networking and NLP.

Best wishes,
Anna Maria

Anne-Marie Di Sciullo, Chair Professor, UQAM, Canada (email:

IPSI-2004 MADRID, March 2004

The multi-disciplinary aspect of the AWEEB/2004 workshop was a complete
succes. It has allowed us to exchange a lot of new interesting ideas which
has been mutually erniching for all of us.

Dr. Victor Gonzalez, Univesity of Oviedo, Spain (email:

SSCCII-2004, January/February 2004, Amalfi, Italy

Thank you for hosting a wonderful conference.
I had a wonderful time, and hope to attend again as soon as possible.

Sebastian Foti, Ph.D.,
University of Florida Alliance,
Gainesville, USA

SSCCII-2004, January 2004

I want to congratulate you and your wonderful team for the splendid
success of the Amalfi Conference. It was not only the excellent
contributions presented, but also the human aspects of the meeting
stimulated by your different friendly initiatives and the beautiful
environment what made this event so nice, pleasent and satisfactory. Of
course, you may put this opinion on the Web!

Dr. Felipe Lara Rosano, UNAM, Mexico,

SSCCII-2004, January 2004

Thank you very much for honoring me as the keynote speaker at
SSCCII-2004. IPSI's conferences have consistently been of a superior
quality. This is the result no doubt of the process you have been
refining. As the keynote speaker, I wanted to add to the quality of the
conference. Thank you for that opportunity and for all your attentions
and generosity.

Your friend,
Dr. Fred Holt, Panthesis, USA (, SSCCII-2004, Amalfi, Italy

SSCCII-2004, January 2004

Hello, I'm Kaz GODA from Japan.
Thank you very much for your supporting the speakers of SSCCII2004,
especially technical support from you are very good.
With your support, we, the speakers, could do the best smoothly.

Thank you very much again.
Best regards,

Kazumasa Goda, Lecturer of KIIS, Japan, (Amalfi, February 2004)


This is the most exciting, expiring, and hospitable conference that I ever attended

Professor Borko Furht, Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Florida Atlantic
University, Boca Raton, Florida, USA


I keep coming back to this conference, year after year, since its very beginning,
and that fact, more than anything else, tells about my opinion of the SSGRR series
of conferences

Dr. Dag Von Lubitz, MedSMART, Laureate of the Smithsonian Award, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


This conference brings together a unique mixture of people from industry and academia,
with young talent and professional experience working together in synergistic
and symbiotic ways. I am impressed with it.

Professor Massimo Piccardi, Sydney University, Australia


Please accept my thanks and complements for organizing the excellent SSGRR2002s
conference in L'Aquila. I had a really great time at the conference and greatly
enjoyed your hospitality at the beautiful conference center. I also made new contacts
while presenting my paper "The Emerging Autosophy Internet". Everything proceeded
as planned and there were no problems with your advanced planning or schedule.
I greatly appreciate your efforts to organizing these important conferences
and meetings. Thanks again for a great conference.

Klaus Holtz, President of Autosophy, San Francisco, California, USA


I would like to thank you for an excellent conference experience. The conference
was very well organized, enjoyable, and interesting. It was filled with such diversity
of people, ideas, and papers. I would definitely recommend the conference to others
in the future.

Professor Sharon Templeman, Stephen Austin University, USA


It has been a great pleasure for me to meet all of you at SSGRR2003w. It has been
one of most pleasant and best organized conference I attended in the last few years.
We thank you for your help and support to me and to my wife. We had a great time
especially at the dancing evening. My wife and myself thank you again for everything.

Professor Daniel Tabak, George Mason University, USA

IPSI-2003 October

Thank you very much for giving me the chance to participate
at the IPSI VIP forum at the wonderful location of Sveti Stefan.
I did really enjoy the last week.
Kind regards,

Ralf Muller, Dr.-Ing.
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Betriebs-GmbH
Tech Gate Vienna
Donau-City-Strasse 1/3.Stock
A-1220 Vienna

IPSI-2003 October

Thank you again for the excellent organization.

Peter Langendoerfer, Germany

IPSI-2003 October

Stella and I enjoyed our visit to Montenegro, and of course the conference.

Bill Robertson, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Director, Internetworking Program
Faculty of Engineering
Dalhousie University
5562 Sackville St.,
Halifax NS, B3J 1L1, Canada

IPSI-2003 October

I very much appreciate your kind hospitality during our stay at Sveti Stefan.
We had very little time there, but we enjoyed the stay very much.
In any case, we had good time and enjoyed the site and people in
Montenegro. They were very kind and friendly.

Koichi Asatani, Dr. Eng.
Dean, Professor, Dept. Electronic Engineering
Kogakuin Univeristy
1-24-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku
Tokyo, 163-8677 Japan

IPSI-2003 October

I'm back in Tallahassee Florida now. I wanted to thank and
congratulate you and Prof. Milutinuvic for every thing you have done
before and during the conference. We had a great time, great experience,
great sessions, and it was fruitful all the way.
Once again thank you and you two have my best regards,

Ahmed Moussa, USA

IPSI-2003 October

VIP Forum of IPSI-2003 at Sveti Stefan was magical ! At first in my life I
had the possibility to join satiated scientific program with stay at
beautiful Adriatic Sea. Unforgettable was also bus journey through perilous
Balkan Mountains. New scientific contacts with scientists from different
countries, especially from Canada, Japan, the USA and even Singapore, will
be useful and fruitful necesserily. I say many thanks to organizers of
IPSI-2003 and sincerely wish a lot of success for their next similar

Zenon Hrytskiv
Lviv Polytechnic National University

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