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IDEA/HYPOTHESIS/SOLUTION For each scientific idea (or hypothesis, or solution), three issues are important: 1. That the idea is original (different enough from anything else in the open literature), and built on the top of some existing solution (everything has fundations). 2. That the idea is related to an important application (not irrelevant), and that it is implementable in a modern tehnology (not undoable). 2. That the idea is potentially better than any other existing idea (or solution) in the open literature, based on criteria of importance (for the research sponsor). HOW TO PROVE THAT AN IDEA IS ORGINAL ? 1. By exhaustive search thru journals and conferences of leading societies. 2. By non-exhaustive search thru reports and thesis of leading universities. 3. By zero search thru patents and catalogs of leading industries HOW TO PROVE THAT AN IDEA IS IMPORTANT AND DOABLE ? 1. By connecting the importance and an urgent need (hot application) 2. By connecting the doability and a modern tehnology (economical implementation) 3. By showing that the future importance/cost ratio is asymptotically decreasing, as the application and the technology of the future change! HOW TO DEMONSTRATE THAT AN IDEA IS BETTER ? In order to demonstrate that an idea (or hypothesis or solution) is better compared to the best one among the existing solutions, one has to apply an appropriate research methodology in the evaluation process. This process implies: 1. Analytical modelling (to show underlying conditions, assumptions, and details) 2. Simulation analysis (to show performace/speed/etc) 3. Implementational analysis (to show complexity/cost/etc) Ph.D. is nothing else but a proof that a person is able to treat scientific problems with scientific methodologies, and has to be the beginning (and not the end) of a scientific carrier!

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