VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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1. JAPAN+USA+GERMANY+SERBIA 2. M+I+T++ [LargeProposals+FeedbackUnHeardOf+SurroundedByFriendsOnly] 3. Feedback [12 reviews + 3 opponents + social activities + discussion] 4. 3 dimensions of wisdom - we practice that 5. Post Conference Journals: TIR + TAR Special Issues Subscription: Cambridge, England + Bristol, Wales UCSD + MIT Tokoru + M.I.T. (Japan) IBM NASA 6. The Sveti Stefan Montenegro and The World Wide Symposia 7. Importance of precise timing: No matter when you start, the end of your talk is 20/15 after the OFFICIAL STARTING TIME, on the program (even if you start late, because of someone else's error). You get a "One Minute" warning at 19/14 minutes after the start You get a hard break and no discussion time if you last 30/20 min. The last speaker of the session is the session chair, for obvious reasons. 8. About the four legs of IPSI 9. For who we did outsourcing: Sunday morning presentation on request! Results: >50 IEEE journal papers = 7 NL books! 10. Tutorial on remote mouse!

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