VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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  Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How many speakers will be invited to this conference?
2.  How did you select invited speakers?
3.  Are my co-authors invited as well?
4.  Can my co-author/research assistant present a paper instead of me?
5.  What about the Copyright issue, concerning my paper and the CD collection of invited
6.  Can I bring accompanying person(s) - kids, relatives, etc., and is accommodation
     available for them as well?
7.  Which housing is recommended and is there any less expensive place nearby?
8.  Who are we trying to influence?
9.  What will be the outcome of the trip?
10. What are the equipments I will find in the classrooms for my presentation?
11. When the final program will be on line?
12. What is the dressing code for the conference?


1.  The initial goal was to have 40 people maximum, so all attendees can create strong friendships,
     in a family like setting. At very large conferences,
     one can make only two or three new friendships.
     At small conferences like ours, one can make strong friendships
     with absolutely all attendees. Actually, in some cases we go to 30 or below,
     in order to underline the VIP aspect of the conference.
     The only exeption is the Montenegro conference,
     where the typical number of attendees is much higher,
     because the best students from the University of Belgrade are also invited.
     All past Montenegro conferences had about 100 participants.
     The major goal of our conferences is quality, not quantity.
     No matter how good the submitted papers are, min 50% of them get rejected.
     That is why the reputation and attendance of IPSI conferences keeps growing,
     since the first conference in the year 2000.
2.  The goal is to have:
     33% scientists from the list of the most referenced researchers
     33% VIPs from industry
     33% young talent who recently published papers of interest
     01% organizers.
3.  Yes, we do extend our invitation to all of your co-authors. They are invited under the
     same condition as you are. They do NOT count as accompanying person. They do pay the
     conference fee. They pay also for the accommodation.
4.  Yes. We are ready to accept that your co-author/research assistant presents your paper
     in the case you are regretfully unable to attend the conference, or you do attend, but
     prefer to give them the opportunity.
5.  Authors retain copyright on their papers (which means that they can reuse them later),
     but they also give IPSI a permission to publish the CD and to place the paper on the
     WWW site of the conference. Some authors will be asked to submit later a book chapter
     for an edited book to be published by a leading US publisher (based on their IPSI
     paper, directly or indirectly). Those who accept the invitation, will have to pass the
     copyright to that publisher, free of charge.
6.  Yes.
7.  The basic idea is that all people stay near the conference hall, for maximal interaction, and
     isolated from the attractions of a big city.
     That is the reason why the headquarters hotel is strongly recommended, since it is rather close to the venue.
8.  The goal is to make a step forward, through a synergistic interaction of experts in the
     field, and to tighten the connections among them.
9.  You will have the opportunity to meet other experts/colleagues from all over the
     world, to exchange ideas with them and define new collaborations.
10. The classrooms at IPSI conferences are equipped with a laptop and a beam.
     Only PowerPoint and pdf presentations are allowed. In case you have other specific requirements please inform
     us in advance.
11. The final program will be on line not later than one week prior to the conference opening.
12. Casual wearing is accepted.

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