VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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Goals of the Conference:

The main goal of this conference is to bring together the elite VIP 
scientists from all over the world, and to provide a forum for exchange of 
ideas in a number of related fields that interact. We try to bring 
people from different fields, and to create a setting in which they can 
interact synergistically, and hopefully create new scientific results 
(new algorithms, new methods, new ways of thinking). Our experience 
shows that at specialized conferences people concentrate around specific 
foci, and follow the mainstream. If a conference has a broader scope, 
researchers can benefit from unbiased responses, and from exposure to 
approaches that give good results in distant fields, but are applicable 
(with appropriate modifications) also in their own field of interest.
For example, FFT gave the best results in speech processing, but was 
developed in seismic research (lots of other similar examples).

We maintain the highest quality standards in the following ways: (a) We 
invite only the high quality researchers, from one of the following 
three categories: High science citation index, VIP in industry, or Young 
talent - typically PHD students; (b) Rejection rate is about 50% and (c) 
Reviewing tries to generate good feedback, so the quality of the 
presented papers can be maximized. In addition, we also do something 
unusual. For some researchers that come up with very strange ideas, we 
create special slots for presentations, assuming that the most innovative 
concepts always have childhood development problems. Even if some of 
them turn out not to be breakthroughs, they make people think, or if 
they are entertaining, they contribute to the overall creativity of the 

You will enjoy this unique approach!

Professor V. Milutinovic,
General Chair,
Fellow of the IEEE

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