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How to Talk at M+I+T++ Conferences?

All IPSI conferences have an M+I+T++ nature 
(Multi-, Inter-, and Trans- disciplinary) 
and they typically focus around three different topics, 
searching for synergistic interraction between these topics. 

In order to make your presentation as understandable 
as possible to others, please make sure that it includes 
the following elements (in the beginning of the talk):  

1. Introduction of interest for a wider audience
2. Problem statement and why it is important
3. About the existing solutions to the problem,
   and what their drawbacks are,
   from the point of view of interest for this research
4. About the essence of the proposed solution,
   and why that solution will not have the above mentioned drawbacks

After these initial 4 points, the rest of the presentation 
can be of the type that the author finds the most appropriate.

Please make sure that the second slide contains relevant
information about the speaker, and other authors, if any.

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