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August 23 (Arrival Day) till August 26 (Departure Day) 2007


Abstract due: July 1, 2007
Full Paper due: July 15, 2007
Acceptance notification: August 1, 2007
Fee payment: August 15, 2007
Hotel payment: July 31, 2007

I am happy to invite you to be a speaker at the VIP Scientific
Forum of the International VIPSI-2007 FLORENCE.

This year VIPSI-2007 FLORENCE takes place from August 23 (arrival day)
till August 26 (departure day). Detailed program and all relevant
information are given at the web site of the conference.

In addition to other programs, a special VIP Scientific Forum is also
organized (other fori include the High Tech Forum, Talented Students Forum, etc.).

Please submit your title/abstract (which means that you have committed
to participate if your paper is accepted), as soon as possible, because
the space is limited.

Advantages are given to papers with several disciplines covered.

The major goal of this forum is to establish a podium for a fruitful
exchange of the newest scientific ideas, and that is why your
participation is extremely important to all of us. Only elite
researchers and professionals are invited.

If you like to accept this invitation, please send email (with title, 
abstract, and affiliation) to

Conditions of this invitation are as follows:

1. Duration of your slot is 20 minutes 
(15 minutes for your talk, and the rest for discussions). 
Extra slots if absolutely necessary.
If the time is available (most likely, it will be), 
each participant will get a 30-minute slot 
(20 minutes for your talk, and the rest for discussions).

2. You are financially responsible for:
   (a) Air ticket
   (b) Taxi/train transportation from the airport to the hotel and back
   (c) Participants are expected to stay in any hotel they wish. 
       Please, see the bullet "Suggested Hotels"
       with a list of hotels which are willing to give a special rate to IPSI participants, 
       if they make their individual reservations before a deadline,
       which is in most cases 40 days before the conference starting day.  
   (d) Conference fee (e500, or e400 if you have attended another
       IPSI conference in the past). It includes the cost of the reviewing
       process, all conference materials, welcome dinner on the arrival day,
       and organizational activities related to the cultural program.
       Late paymnet - 10% extra. Payments on the spot - 20% extra!

3. Format of your paper is free. Your paper will be reviewed 
(we send it to 12 reviewers, and we keep going until at least 6 reviews are received),
with the major intention to provide you with a feedback that can help improve the quality.

4. The scope of the conference is relatively large: Informatics,
Internet, Computer Science and Engineering, Interdisciplinary Research,
MBA, Internet aspects of Medicine, Education, Management, Law, etc. Of
course, traditional Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Engineering
Physics, or BioEngineering, too.

5. Papers from all past conferences can be found on a web site maintained by NASA.
See the conference welcome page for details.

6. When preparing your paper and your presentation, please follow the instructions from
the conference welcome page, namely from bullets "Paper Preparation Instructions",
"Paper Presentation Instructions," and "How to Talk at M+I+T++ Conferences?".

7. There is a number of reasons for submitting a paper to IPSI conferences.
The major one is that your paper is submitted to 12 reviewers, and you will get
at least about five of them (or even more, if your paper is in the field for witch
it is easier to find good reviewers).

8. There is a number of reasons for coming to VIPSI conferences.
The major three are related to benefits of M+I+T++ interactions,
family type setting for new business relationships,
and mechanisms to enhance creativity.

   a. These days it is difficult to get a large project from agencies like DARPA or NSF,
      unless your proposal has the elements of multi-, inter-, and trans- disciplinary research,
      which is the major issue at IPSI conferences. 
   b. If you go to specialized conferences, even before going to the conference,
      you already know what response will you get; if you go to IPSI conferences,
      you get the response which is unthinkable of.
   c. If you are surrounded with people from different disciplines, you become more creative.

   d. If you go to IPSI conferences, you broaden your horizons, which is important for creativity;
      going periodically to IPSI conferences is like having a "Renaissance Weekend" from time to time.
   e. At specialized conferences you are surrounded by your best friends who are many times
      your worst enemies, so you have to be careful about what you talk;
      at IPSI conferences you are surrounded by friends only,
      and you can talk openly and freely. 
   f. At IPSI conferences you can create new business opportunity in a family like setting,
      because a number of mechanisms exist to enhance the family like atmosphere.
   g. Creativity is enhanced by careful selection of regions and hotels
      (where the conference takes place), and by presenters and attendees
      (who are selected to be invited).

9. Social program at VIPSI conferences is unique!!!
You are welcome to check with past participants!

10. Also, location of this conference is a paradise for those who like to walk.
You have fantastic walking paths all over the place.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. V. Milutinovic, Fellow of the IEEE,
General Chair of VIPSI-2007 FLORENCE.

PS - Please tell us exactly if you want to be informed about other 
scientific non-profit conferences organized by IPSI BgD.
If you would like not to receive information about our conferences, 
please let us know.

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