VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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Only the students of the University of Belgrade are eligible for this offer.

Submit your paper (extended abstract of up to 1000 words) to Nenad Korolija
(, before the deadline on the web. Indicate the desired conference.
Make sure that you get the information about receiving the paper.

Those with a paper excepted for presentation, will be assigned a 15-min slot
(for a PowerPoint presentation), and free of charge, will receive the following:

a) Free entrance to the scientific activities of the conference,
     with all conference materials. Each student gets some organizational duties.
b) TBD.

Those without a paper accepted for presentation get all above at the price of e100.

Person responsible for the maintenance of the list of students is
Nenad Korolija (
He is also responsible for the reviewing of the student submissions.

Once the list is completed, person responsible for students daily synchronization meetings is Nenad Korolija
( He is also responsible for the chairing of sessions in the
Talented Students Forum.

All students are obliged to attend all the lectures of the conference.

Obligations of the students are:

a) Attending daily orientation meetings each day at 8:00am in the main hall.
b) Attending all lectures each day.
c) Presenting their own work
d) Fulfilling their organizational duties with full responsibility
     (specific duties of each student are defined elsewhere).
e) Searching the literature for researchers to invite in the future, before the given deadline.
f) Discussing potential new contracts with foreign attendees who expressed interest in
     cooperation with IPSI Belgrade.
g) Making every effort that all foreign attendees feel superb during our conference.

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