VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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  Conference proceedings will have an ISBN number.

When preparing your paper, please follow the instructions from "THE BEST METHOD ..."

The format of your paper is free, but most participants decide to use the format
of IEEE Transactions on Computers.

Adventage is given to papers with elements of M+I+T++ research!

All the accepted presentations are published on a CD (with an accompanying book
including the abstracts of about 100 words). A rigorous reviewing process ensures
the highest quality of papers/presentations.

Authors retain copyright on their papers (which means that they can reuse them later),
but they also give IPSI Belgrade a permission to publish the CD and to place the papers on
the Web page of the Conference and also to give away (as a gift) that CD and
the accompanying book with abstracts. Some authors may be asked to submit later
a journal paper or a book chapter for an edited book to be published by a leading
US publisher (based on their IPSI Belgrade paper, directly or indirectly).
Those who accept the invitation will have to pass the copyright to that publisher,
free of charge.

When submitting your paper, please label it as follows:

  • MCE: Mechanical Engineering
  • ENT: Enterprise Management
  • IEF: Internet, Economy, and Finance
  • MBA: Issues in Management and Business Administration
  • CST: Collaboration Systems and Technologies
  • WST: Workflow Systems and Technologies
  • INE: Internet Engineering
  • ISX: Information Systems
  • ISY: Intelligent Systems
  • APS: Application Software
  • ECS: E-Commerce Systems
  • EES: E-Education Systems
  • SSS: System Software
  • CCM: Computer Communications
  • DCS: Distributed Systems
  • ARC: Computer Architecture
  • DES: Computer Design
  • NET: Newly Emerging Technologies
  • WEB: Advanced Web Programming
  • TLS: Tools for Web and Related Applications
  • SCR: Security, Reliability, and Protection on the Internet
  • DEC: Decision Making in Business Environments
  • MED: Any aspect of the Internet related medicine
  • MTC: Mobile Technologies

If none of the above labels fit, make your own one, and use it when submitting your paper.

When presenting your paper, please bring only a CD with a PowerPoint presentation.
You will be presenting your PowerPoint from our lap-top.
There will be no time to disconnect, reconnect, and then again to disconnect
and reconnect.

No PDF presentations are allowed. Only PowerPoint.

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