VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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1. Each presented is supposed to bring a PowerPoint presentation on a CD.
   Only that form of presentation material is allowed.
   Plugging and unplugging ones own laptop takes the precious time away,
   and brings risks.

2. Loading of your PowerPoint presentation is best done immediately after your

3. Please remember that the last speaker of the session is the session chairman.
   He is responsible for precise timing, and your cooperation is highly appreciated.
4. When preparing your presentation, please follow the instructions from 
   "A GOOD MEHTOD ..."

5. During the conference, each participant is welcome to copy and take with any one
   of the presented PowerPoint presentations, so please make sure
   that your PowerPoint presentation does not include any confidential data.

6. After the conference is over, we delete all PowerPoint presentations
   from the conference lap-top and after that, participants can obtain
   PowerPoint copies only from the authors, on special request.
   If a past participant asks about an email address of a past participant,
   we will provide that;
   however, we do not publish email addresses of past participants.

7. If technology does not start working in less than 3 minutes,
   the speaker is supposed to talk directly from his/her head
   (the best speakers of the civilisation, Demostenos and Cicero,
   always spoke directly from their heads).

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