VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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About 40 persons are actively involved in the production of conferences organized by IPSI BgD,
but the following 16 are crucial:

a. Datamining of experts in selected fields:

   Aleksandar Stanic 
   Miroslav Radakovic 
b. Web publishing:
   Nenad Korolija 
   Ivan Karic 
c. Correspondance and administration of the reviewing process:
   Olivera Gajcanski, General Manager 
   Mirjana Stojadinovic, General Manager 
d. Postconference journal submissions:
   Aleksandra Jankovic 
   Jelena Miletic 
e. Accounting and logistic support:
   Senad Omerovic 
   Darko Gakovic 
f. Scientific consulting:
   Zoran Babovic 
   Darko Jovic 
g. Software tools development and maintenance:
   Jelena Krunic 
   Bojana Milasinovic 

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