VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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  1. In the past, although the paper preparation format was free, most attendees
decided to prepare their paper according to the IEEE Transactions format.

2. When writing your paper, please follow the guidelines from "the best method...".

3. When preparing your PowerPoint presentation, please follow the guidelines from
"a good method...".

4. The ISBN number of the conference proceedings is 86-7466-117-3.

5. Printed materials include:
   a) Book of abstracts front page (color)
   b) Book of abstracts
   c) An IPSI brochure
   d) Paper label for CDs (square)
   e) Sticky label for CDs (round)
   f) CDs with all papers
   g) Detailed program, one page front (schedule and names) and back (legend)
   h) Name tags for attendees, students, and local VIPs
   i) Business cards of IPSI staff
   j) The entire site of the conference

6. Hard copy conference materials are generated at the end of the year,
and shipped to participants by email.

7. Conference management may decide (on the spot) that presentations
are held at a non-formal place without the use of PowerPoint
(for thousands of years, speakers were talking without PowerPoint).
So, be prepared for both.

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