VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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Unless otherwise stated in the Conference Schedule, this is what holds at IPSI conferences:

1. From the arrival day at 7pm until departure day at 9am, the conference
desk in the lobby will be open daily from 8am till 8pm. At least one person
will be present to deliver the conference materials and to help on anything
that comes up.

2. We will try to organize that conference materials be delivered at the hotel
registration time.

3. The person at the conference desk is also responsible for written announcements.
He/she is equipped with A4 paper, scotch tape and bold pen, and is able to place
for you, at prespecified bulletin boards, any announcement that is needed.

4. Another person is at a 5-min cell phone call, all the time, to help if needed.

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