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1. The author of the last paper in a session (two hours) is the Chairman
of the session, and is supposed to take a precise care of the timing of the
session. If the author of the last (typically 4th, sometimes 6th) paper
is not present, the author of the previous paper takes over, and so on.

2. One or two students volunteers will be assigned to each session, for the
help of any kind needed. Their titles are "session assistants" and their
names will appear in the program or on the web. If two students, one is
responsible for timing, and the other one for clicking.

3. If the presenter of a specific slot is not present, that slot is used
for discussions (this is a test of creativity for the session chairman,
as he/she has to stimulate a vivid exchange of ideas, during the entire empty slot).
It is forbidden that presentation of a paper starts before its preannounced
starting time. Presentation can start a few minutes late, but not a single
second earlier. If somebody starts late, this is not a justification to finish
later, no matter what was the reason for the late start. Even if the late start
was due to the previous speaker delayed finish (in conditions when the session
chairman was not strict), the finish of your presentation must be in time.
Finish in time means that you end your presentation at five minutes before
the end of the slot. For example, if your slot is from 3pm to 3:30pm, you are
supposed to finish the latest at 3:25pm. The session chairman is supposed to
warn you at 10 minutes before the end of your slot and 6 minutes before the end
of your slot. In other words, this means a warning message at 5 minutes before
the scheduled end of the talk, and at 1 minute before the scheduled end of the talk.
At 5 minutes before the end of the slot, session chairman is supposed to end the
presentation by force (tools like hammers, water spilling, and similar are allowed :-).

4. All sessions include typically 4, sometimes (rarely) 6 slots for presentation
of papers. Program for each session, next to the name of the speaker, will
include also his arrival day/time (if different from the conference arrival day), and
his departure day/time (if different from the conference departure day). This is to
facilitate interaction between participants.

5. Session chair, after the end of each session, is supposed to pass the
name of the best paper/presentation to the conference manager, via the sessions assistant(s),
only if he/she believes that the session included a paper that is worth an award.

6. After the conference is over, on the last day at
9pm (meeting point: to be announced), a short 15min meeting of all session assistants
will decide about the best paper in each one of the 3 categories
(VIP Forum, Student Forum, and High-Tech Forum).

7. The best papers will be announced during the farewell breakfast on the departure day,
at 9am.

8. Only PowerPoint presentations are allowed. No overhead projector for transparences.
Each participant is expected to bring only a CD with his/her PowerPoint presentation.
It will not be allowed to disconnect the conference laptop and to connect your own laptop,
for the following reasons:
   a) may cause damage
   b) may cause incompatibility problems with screen resolution
   c) takes time
In order to save time, preloading of PowerPoint presentations will be down during
the 15-min break, between the sessions. We know that some people dislike PowerPoint,
because of the possible incompatibilities on the character level, but we feel that
this is minor compared to chaos, which may get created if someone comes with a
presentation not supported by our infrastructure.

9. Session Chairing Rules Revisited:

Each regular session includes four 30-min slots and takes 2 hours.
In some cases, the conference management may decide that each session
includes six 20-min slots. In that case, presentation is also supposed
to finish 5 minutes before the end of the slot. Presenter of the last paper
is the session chairman (the best assurance that the timing will be respected).
If she/he did not appear, the session chair is the author of the previous paper,
and so on.

There are only short 15-min breaks between the sessions, in order to
minimize the number of parallel sessions (so attendees can enjoy more
presentations). If someone needs a longer break, she or he will make it during
the session of no interest for that particular person. During the
self-made breaks, one can use several cash bars around the hotel, or
one can have a lunch in the vicinity of the hotel.

No matter when one starts the talk (even if it is due to the fact that
the previous speaker was overtime), one has to finish in time!

If some speaker did not show up, her/his slot has to stay intact; the
next talk is NOT to start before the prespecified time (some people may
have scheduled their attending of the next paper, and may be
disappointed if they come and see that the paper is already presented).

10. The following awards will be awarded, if justified by quality:
   a) Talented students forum (one award per faculty)
   b) Industrial forum (one award)
   c) VIP forum (best technical contents, best presentation, most applicative
research, and most controversial research)
For comments and questions, please contact the general chair.

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