VIPSI = VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++
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There is a number of reasons for coming to IPSI conferences.
The major three are related to benefits of M+I+T++ interactions,
family type setting for new business relationships,
and mechanisms to enhance creativity.

   a. These days it is difficult to get a large project from agencies like DARPA or NSF,
      unless your proposal has the elements of multi-, inter-, and trans- disciplinary research,
      which is the major issue at IPSI conferences. 
   b. If you go to specialized conferences, even before going to the conference,
      you already know what response will you get; if you go to IPSI conferences,
      you get the response which is unthinkable of.
   c. If you are surrounded with people from different disciplines, you become more creative.

   d. If you go to IPSI conferences, you broaden your horizons, which is important for creativity;
      going periodically to IPSI conferences is like having a "Renaissance Weekend" from time to time.
   e. At specialized conferences you are surrounded by your best friends who are many times
      your worst enemies, so you have to be careful about what you talk;
      at IPSI conferences you are surrounded by friends only,
      and you can talk openly and freely. 
   f. At IPSI conferences you can create new business opportunity in a family like setting,
      because a number of mechanisms exist to enhance the family like atmosphere.
   g. Creativity is enhanced by careful selection of regions and hotels
      (where the conferences take place), and by presenters and attendees
      (who are selected to be invited).

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